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CNC machining in Decoleta

Since the beginning, and long before that, the Decoleta machining company has always made sure, and always will to use the reliable and precise technology necessary for modern manufacturing in the engineering industry to machine and turn parts and components for the hundredth time. For precise turning, we use high-quality and reliable CNC lathes that allow us to program various turning and machining operations using a computer, which leads to higher precision in the production of turned parts.

We are based on proven tradition, we also follow trends at the same time and renew or supplement our machine automated equipment. When choosing CNC lathes, we take performance and energy consumption into account.

Our turning is highly automated and precise, thanks to the reliable machines of the Swiss Tornos company and the Japanese Star machines. In addition, we have acquired Czech MANURHIN K’MX lathes for these types.

The following list briefly and clearly presents the main features, possibilities and results that our modern CNC lathes enable and bring:

    • Diameter: from 0.5 to 32 mm
    • Accuracy: up to 0.01 mm
    • Number of pieces: from prototypes to serial production (up to millions of pieces per year)
    • Scope of delivery: from parts to assembled units
    • Material: from automatic steels to special stainless steels and non-ferrous metal alloys
    • Secondary operations: wide range – degreasing, annealing, electroplating, blister packing, etc.
    • Applications in industries: automotive, electronics, aviation, white goods.

You might be interested in:

    • we have a quality system according to ISO 14001, ISO 9001
    • our tradition dates back to 1971
    • we deliver to renowned foreign companies

Precision turning ranks us among the top in Europe

Not only by the number of our machines, but also by their precision, equipment and know-how, we belong to the top companies in the field of CNC long-turn turning in Central Europe. We handle stable precision manufacturing of difficult to machine stainless steels, austenitic steels and copper.

Our modern Swiss, Japanese and Czech PNC and CNC lathes work in up to 23 controlled axes and are very well equipped with additional equipment for side drilling, milling, synchronous milling, spindle position locking control, etc. Our CNC lathes allow programming and monitoring of very small movements at turning which is key to achieving the desired precise results.

We are equipped for a wide range of secondary operations.

Decoleta and machine equipment:

    • more than 52 machines
    • single-spindle CNC long-turn machines Star, Tornos, Manurhin
    • Tornos Multideco multi-spindle CNC machines


CNC and PNC single-spindle automatic machines:

    • Process: CNC long-turning lathe-turning (machines with sliding spindle head)
    • Materials processed: bars and tubes, usually of circular section
    • Maximal diameter: 32 mm
    • Number of controlled axes: up to 9
    • Production dose size: 20,000 pieces and more
    • Annual produced quantity: up to 1 million of pieces per machine
    • Star SR-20
    • Star SB-16
    • Star SR-10
    • Tornos Deco 10
  • Tornos Deco 13
  • Tornos Deco 20
  • Tornos Gamma 20
  • K’MX 732 EVO


CNC multi-spindle automatic machines:
    • Process: CNC lathe-turning (multi-spindle machines)
    • Materials processed: bars and tubes, usually of circular section
    • Maximal diameter: 20 mm
    • Number of controlled axes: up to 23
    • Production dose size: 100,000 pieces and more
    • Annual produced quantity: up to 5 millions of pieces per machine
    • Tornos Multideco 20/6
    • Tornos Multideco 20/8


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