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We can produce more than a million turned products per year

DECOLETA´S turned products

Decoleta is a specialist in the production of turned parts for a wide range of industries. We create turned products with the latest modern technologies and a team of experienced experts with high precision and quality.

The alpha and omega of our production are parts with a diameter of 0.5 to 32 mm. We choose the best and most durable materials such as stainless steels, various types of carbon and alloy steels, brass, copper, bronze and aluminum alloys. We specialize in turning from bar stock.

Our automatic machines belong to the top and thanks to them we achieve parts accuracy of up to +/- 0.01 mm. Serial numbers of pieces are from tens of thousands to millions of pieces per year.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t turn to us if you need one-off prototyping before starting mass production. We adapt the production of turned parts to your individual requirements.

We also deliver assembled units. We make them partly from our products, which we combine with purchased spare parts. We strive to be a comprehensive partner for you.

We have extensive experience in manufacturing for the automotive industry, and therefore we process most of our turned products according to ISO/TS 16949.

The typical DECOLETA product
    • It is usually machined on both ends,
    • It can have milled flats, grooves and cross holes,
    • It has off-set holes on ends,
    • It has internal and external threads,
    • A cylindrical surface and many other features.

    Production of turned parts

    In addition to keeping very precise diameters and lengths, our machines enable productive production of parts with a high number of operations, such as:

      • Milled flats
      • Cross slots
      • Cross holes (perpendicular to the axis, inclined to the axis etc.)
      • Off-centre holes

    Especially single spindle machines enable a high portion of machining at the back end, e.g.:

          • Drilling
          • Head chamfering
          • Face grooving
          • Facing

      We make the above mentioned operations with a very high precision. Some finishing machining can be done in secondary operations as well.

      turned products

      Other activities related to the production of turned parts include

      production of samples

      The vast majority of our orders are series, ranging from thousands to millions of pieces. However, the production of one-off prototypes is certainly not unusual, so if the customer wishes to test the turned part first, samples are the way to go. As far as the technologies used are concerned, both parties – us and the customer – will at least very practically and effectively assess the suitability of the chosen technology for the given product.

      It can therefore be said that the production of samples is very important before the start of serial production in Decoleta. We already focus on the stable quality of later serial production during sampling. We assess the capability of the machine, determine the correct measurement methods, suitable packaging and many other aspects.


      All parts that we turn at Decoleta are delivered to customers perfectly cleaned and free of all grease. If the customer wishes, we can preserve the steel parts.

      We use ROLL and DÜRR technologies for cleaning and degreasing. This is ecological washing in perchlorine vapors with a closed circuit and zero emissions into the air.

      Assembly of turned products

      We try to accommodate customers, and if they want, we offer them the most complete service. This includes assembly. We assemble the parts together, either those that we make all ourselves, or we combine them with purchased parts.

      We assemble the components manually or on semi-automatic machines. The possibilities of assembly of parts are always subject to agreement.

      Surface finish

      The surface treatment of Decoleta turning products depends on what the customer wants. Parts can also be plated or otherwise surface treated. We provide this activity in cooperation with professional suppliers.

      Packaging and shipping

      During our many years of practice, two methods of product packaging firmly estabished themselves with us.

      The choice of which one to use we use for a given order always depends on how prone to damage the given product may be, and how it is handled. We always discuss these aspects with customers.

      We use either blister packaging, which are returnable, or loose packaging. We carefully label all product packaging every time so that it is easily traceable from the moment it leaves our production line to the time it travels to its owner.


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